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Course objectives, Lecture Notes, and Books references are found in the Gametheory website of my professor.

I will update this website about my understanding about the papers that I read and the solutions to programming assignments.

I found an interesting site for Micro Economic Theory. Visit http://www.ksg.harvard.edu/nhm/notes.htm.

Programming Assignment 1: Finding all pure strategy nash equillibrium, weakly dominant strategy equillibrium and strongly dominant strategy equillibrium in a given game.
Mini Project : Reduction Techique for finding iterative multiple mixed strategy nash equillibrium in a normal form game. This is being pursued as a paper for submission. Check "My Research" section.
Term Paper : I took a seminar on application of game theory in social network analysis as a term paper. The zip file has both the term paper and the presentation in it.

Currently I am pursuing my research in the Game Theory and applications. All my further discussions/work can be found in "My Research" page.

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