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Who Am I

I am Ramakrishnan Kannan born in a place called Tiruchirappalli at TamilNadu, India. Tiruchirappalli is located in the banks of Kaveri. I started my schooling in the same place.  I am the third son of my parents and it seems I had shown lots of interest in going to school as I was feeling bored being at home. From my pre-school to 10th grad I had studied at the school Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Vidyalaya (MGCV). It was really a pleasant days and had more fun.

For my 11th and 12th (PUC, HSC) I joined E.R. Higher Secondary School (a small puzzle. find the expansion of E.R.). I had 115 students studying along with me in the same class. I am unfortunate. The neighbouring class had 166. My majors were Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Chemistry. I studied with the hopes of joining REC, Trichy now called as NIT, Trichy. I can write a book seperately about my experiences at ER. ER has a culture by itself. I could not get through it. I remember those days where I felt really bad for not getting into REC. But now I feel it to be meaningless.

With a bleak future I joined Shanmugha College of Engineering. Now it is called SASTRA. I joined Computer Science and Engineering and passed out on Aug'2000 with Distinction. I joined IBM after my college on August 2000 and working till now on the same project. :).

Life @ IBM

I joined IBM in the group of Personal Communications. It is a terminal emulator for Mainframe (z-Series). I was responsible for taking care of SNA stack related utilities, and Data Link Control (DLC) layer of the SNA.

I got three patents filed till now and one soon to be. Apart from my regular work, I got my interest developed towards WebServices. Anbu and Arun mentored me on webservices and I delivered webservices seminars around three places in India. I started developing interests towards Grid too and travelled couple of places including Indonesia, Jakarta for delivering the usage of grids.

Got certified by IBM on XML and Related technologies and SCJP. Made position proposals in the area of host integration. I hold the honrary posts of Technical Mentor and Lab Advocate for host integration product suite. As part of this lab advocate responsibility I travelled around India (HSBC, SCB) and architected solutions.

During 2002 travelled to Raleigh, NC for Communications Server.  Had a very good time over there. I searched for webshots to give the link to photos. But unfortunately my photos are not there. Its almost 3 years since I visited my pages over there.

In short had most enjoying time at IBM.

If you want to know about current location of IBM office open this link @ Google Earth.

Life @ IISc

I have joined IISc as M.Sc. (Engg) under professor Y. Narahari to research in the area of Game Theory and Mechanism Design.  I will be updating more on this soon.

My Family

My father was a job typist who married my mother in 1972. I was born @ 1979 as the third son of my parents. My mother is an extra ordinary woman and learnt lots of morals and education about life from her. Everyday we dine together and the discussions that we had during the dinner is playing a major role in my character.

Eldest got married and living at Bangalore. Elder brother got married and living at Singapore.

I got married to Priyadarshini Sampath during November'2003 right after my return from US. She is a lovingly, ground to earth girl. But takes lot of rights to me and decides the activities of me currently. I am able to convince her for my stay @ hostel during my course work @ IISc.

Apart from all these there is one who is influencing my life to a greater extent now-a-days. He is Karthik Subbian.  He is also working @ IBM and studying @ IISc under professor Narahari.

I am currently living @ Bangalore. Please open this my location @ Google Earth.

Social Network

This section explains the people whom are all I am in contact with.

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