Welcome To Rahul Sharma's Website

Welcome all,

This site is my attempt to provides solution of common computational and programing problems to all computer science students. It includes tutorials, C/C++ code to solve various numerical method problems, some simulator by me and some tools and other programs that you may find useful. All these are free to use and I encourage you to share it with your friends. You are also encourage to submit your own program, solution or bugs to me.

Useful Links

Detailed solutions of GATE 2011


Bloodshed Dev (Best and free compiler of C/C++)

CProgramming (An introduction to C/C++ for rookies)

TextPad Editor (Good and light weight editer of Java)

Project Euler (Improves your programming skills and logics)

ESnips (Good source of ebooks)

CUDA sdk & toolkit and CUDA Wizard for VS2005

From 05/JUL/2012