Irshad · Pananilath

I'm a research student pursuing M.Sc. Engineering degree with Uday Bondhugula at Dept. of Computer Science & Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

//Research Interests [Top]

Compiler technologies for multicore processors, Automatic parallelization, Polyhedral framework

//Education [Top]

I finished my B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Calicut in 2005. My schooling was done at Farook College and Al-Farook Senior Secondary CBSE School

//Publications [Top]

  • Tiling Stencil Computations to Maximize Parallelism
    Vinayak Bandishti, Irshad Pananilath, and Uday Bondhugula
    ACM/IEEE Supercomputing, Nov 2012, Salt lake city, Utah, USA.
  • κ-RTP: A Reliable Transport Layer Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Pathari, Manu Jose, G. R. Ragul, P. Muhammed Irshad
    Proceedings of Sixth IASTED International Multi-Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications, Canada, July, 2006.

//Work Experience [Top]

//Contact Information [Top]

Irshad Pananilath
Room #116, Multicore Computing Lab
Dept. of Computer Science & Automation
Bangalore - 560012
Karnataka, India
Email: irshad(at)csa(dot)iisc(dot)ernet(dot)in